Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3
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Yuzo Koshiro



Game Engine

Intrinsic Alchemy V3.5

Release Date(s)

Japan: July 18, 2007
USA: 2007


Arcade racing


Single player, Multiplayer

Input Methods

Steering wheel, gear shift, pedals

MT3 title

The game's title screen.

MT3 newcars

The new cars added to Maximum Tune 3.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (also known as Maximum Tune 3, or simply Maxi 3) is an arcade racing video game developed and published by NAMCO and based on the Wangan Midnight manga. It is the third game in the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series and the fourth entry of the Wangan Midnight arcade series. This was released in 2007 in both Japan and the United States.

New FeaturesEdit

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 includes all the features from Maximum Tune 1 and 2, plus some new features:

(All previous courses return with improved graphics and slight adjustments)

Game ModesEdit

All game modes from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 return, with the addition of a new mode: Ghost (Versus) Battle.

Story ModeEdit

Just like previous games, players progress through story mode, defeating rivals and tuning their car as they go. There are 80 stages in Story Mode.

Outrun ModeEdit

Players are faced with the task of passing 10 consecutively harder racers on one track.

Ghost Battle ModeEdit

The newest addition to the game, Ghost Battle Mode allows players to race against pre-"recorded" ghosts of other players' cars in order to earn dress-up points towards upgrading their car with aero kits, decals, etc.

There are four ways to play Ghost Battle Mode:

  1. Select From Friends' List- Friends are added when you race against them. You can then choose to race their ghost.
  2. Select From Revenge List- When a player defeats your ghost, you can choose to race the ghost they beat you with.
  3. Select By Level- Allows you to select by difficulty of the ghost. There are 10 levels.
  4. Select By Card Name- Allows you to input a card name and search for that player.

Versus ModeEdit

In Versus mode, players race against one another on the different courses in the game. The new course branching system allows for a different race experience every time.

Time Attack ModeEdit

Players race against the clock to try and get the best time on a specific course.

Tuning cardEdit

Like other games in the Wangan Midnight arcade series, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune employs the use of a tuning card to save the player's data.


There are 34 cars available for players to select in Maximum Tune 3:

Gemballa (Only in japan version)Edit






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