Supra RZ
Supra MT4

1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Toyota Motor Corporation




6-Speed V16x manual

Default Horsepower

280 (320hp actual figure in real life)


3.0L twin turbocharged inline-6 (Toyota 2JZ-GTE)

Default Color Selection

Silver, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue

Notable owners

Keiichiro Aizawa

Supra RZ is a car produced by Toyota Motor Corporation which was 1st introduce in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game.

Description Edit

This car is Toyota's flagship model. Its torque from 3-liter inline 6-cylinder and wild yet stable body enable stable driving in both low-speed areas and high-speed areas. There are a few difficulties in cornering due to the weight on the front part, but it is one of the fastest machines in Wangan line.


Racers say it is a fun car to drive, if you are able to master it. It has a very high top speed. It's downside is its handling. It is often compared to the 350Z, although the Supra is quite easier to handle. Generally, it is a good car. It has a top speed of 347 km/h when fully tuned.

The Monster Supra, driven by Keiichiro Aizawa in the manga, anime, and the game, is a very good opponent. It was created mainly for the purpose of defeating the Devil Z. It is possible to recreate the Monster Supra in WMMT3, WMMT3DX, and WMMT3DX+ games, and later WMMT4.

In Initial D Supra JZA80 Is Drive By Hideo Minagawa.

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