Shimada Rumi
Rumi shimada

Rumi Shimada is Akio Asakura's teacher. She first appeared in Wangan Midnight volume 1, chapter 4.


To understand why Akio loves to drive, Rumi decided to sit in the Devil Z. Later she admitted that Akio is a talented driver, despite the fact that many people called the S30Z a devil. But Akio later spoke something that made Rumi think that Akio is flattering her.

In later stories, Rumi will sometimes sit with Akio or Reina. This further made her understand Akio.

Behind the ScenesEdit


In the Wangan Midnight anime, Rumi Shimada is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi, who is well-known for her role as Kaede/Lucy/Nyuu in Elfed Lied. In the movie,Rumi Shimada is potrayed by Maimi Okuwa