Known widely as the "King of Speed" before a bad accident 10 years ago while trying to break 300 km/h in an RX-7 FC, he was inspired to go back to street racing when he encountered the Devil Z, going as far as to get a new car, a highly tuned RX-7, from his oldest friend Kazuo Ota, a genius tuner who founded the Speed Factory RGO with Masaki long ago. He has a special fondness for rotary engines, and makes up for a lack of raw power with handling ability. Masaki VA in Wangan Midnight PS3 is Tokuyoshi Kawashima.
Masaki (Wangan Midnight PS3)

Masaki's RX-7


Mazda RX-7 GT Limited

Nissan Fairlady Z 280ZX Turbo (S130)

Porsche 928 (Manga)

Toyota Aristo V300/Lexus GS300 (Wangan Midnight PS3)

Gemballa RSR/Eunos Cosmo Type S

Ruf RK Coupe

Porsche 928 GT (Maximum Tune 6)

Efini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)

Behind the scenes Edit

Masaki was skipped in the anime due to unknown reasons, but his car was briefly shown in Episode 21 of the anime. His RX-7 is similar to Keisuke Takahashi's from Initial D because they are both tuned and share the same color.