Lancer Evolution VIII MR [(MR GSR *Except White Solid), MR RS *Only White Solid]
EvoVIII select

1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Mitsubishi Motor Corporation




6-Speed Manual

Default Horsepower

280 (up to 311 hp in real life)


2.0L turbocharged inline-4 (Mitsubishi 4G63)

Default Color Selection

Medium purplish gray mica, White Solid (RS Version), Red solid, Cool Silver Metallic

Lancer Evolution VIII MR is a car produced by Mitsubishi Motor Corporation which was first introduced in the original Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game.


A 4WD machine for all situations, made with a focus on weight saving and barycentric position. It has an aluminum roof panel and carbon rear wing. Equipped with computerized controls such as ACD and AYC, it is a 4WD car that is good at turning corners. But the slow top speed is the weak point of rally-based machines like this. GDB-C is the rival of its generation.


As a 4WD and a rally-based car, expect stability when cornering and it has an amazing acceleration at the corner exits because of its torque. Top speed is a bit slow due to its low gear ratios. When tuned to the max, the car's cornering performance is almost perfect and is so stable at high speed. Most players from all skill levels seem to enjoy the car's performance and veteran players post amazing time and ghost records in almost every course in the game using this car.

This car attracted positive remarks from players. Most say that it's a good car to start the story mode with. The low top speed is negligible because of its amazing acceleration and cornering abilities. Most veteran players use this car.

Trivia Edit

  • If the base colour is white, it will be an RS model EVO VIII. Only difference is different stock rims ("steelie" look, but actually made out of aluminium), slightly different trim, and the ride height is 5mm lower. After suspension tuning is the same height as a non-RS model.
  • It was officially rated at 280 hp, but the actual output may exceed 300 hp (Gran Turismo 4 listed this car as having 311 hp). This is due to the now-obsolete Gentleman's Agreement on car horsepower, where performance cars' horsepower are "limited" to 280 hp.