Lancer Evolution VI
EvoVI select

1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Mitsubishi Motor Corporation




5-Speed Manual

Default Horsepower



2.0L turbocharged inline-4 (Mitsubishi 4G63T)

Default Color Selection

Rheims blue, Scotia white (RS version), Satellite silver, Ijssel blue, Pyrenean black

Notable Owners

Maki Kamiya, Tommi Mäkinen (real life)

Lancer Evolution VI is a car produced by Mitsubishi Motor Corporation which was 1st introduce in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game.


It is a Homologation model belonging to Group A that once won the driver's champion in WRC. This car's sophistication as a car for motor sports will satisfy both beginners and advanced players. The torque is a little poor compared with CT9A (because of technology difference, the CT9A uses twin-scroll turbo which helps out torque), but you can feel the acceleration and cornering that come from its light body. But the slow top speed is the weak point of rally-based machines like this.


The Lancer Evolution VI is a good car to drive, given its balanced speed and handling ratio. The car itself is also a tribute to Finnish rally driver Tommi Makinen, whose car interestingly has made it in the series. In the games, Makinen's body kit is available as "Aero Set C", meaning that players can also recreate the Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition.

A Scotia White Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makinen Edition (CP9A) is used by Tsuchisaka Lan Evo Team Ichijo (一条, "Man in Evo VI" or "Shiro Waru") in Initial D Complete with its wing removed, HKS Muffler, Ralliart Header; but due to the mechanic of white Evos being RS versions, it has carbon mirrors and door handles as opposed to the normal white, thus making it a Lancer Evolution VI RS Tommi Mäkinen Edition.

Trivia Edit

If the base colour is white, it will be an RS model EVO VI. Only difference is different stock rims, slightly different trim, and the ride height is 5mm lower. After suspension tuning is the same height as a non-RS model.