Ko-Chan is Akio's friend who helps him tune the Devil Z before he met Kitami. He owns a local tuner shop with the help of his brother Ma. He is also the one watching over Akio when he tunes the Z prior to meeting Kitami.

Cars Edit

In manga and anime, he drives a Dover White Mazda RX-7 GT-Limited (FC3S) with the 1.3L 13B-T 2-rotor engine. He drives a Pure White Type R (FD3S) with the 1.3L 13B-T 2-rotor engine in the movie. In Maximum Tune games, he drives a Tornado Silver Metallic GT-X (FC3S) with 1.3L 13B-REW 2-rotor engine, except in Maximum Tune 4 Story 1, where he drives a Velocity Red Mica RX-8 with 1.3L 13B-MSP Renesis 2-rotor engine instead.

Behind the Scenes Edit

His voice actor in the anime is Anri Katsu who went on to voice the fake Takumi Fujiwara in another racing anime and manga, Initial D. His voice actor in the movie is Masaki Sata. His voice actor in the movie is Masaki Sada His full name is Kouta Takahashi (高橋 功太 Takahashi Kōta).

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