Keiichiro Aizawa
Aizawa Keiichirou
(Also known as "Kei" in the games) is the character who drives the Supra RZ/Supra Twin Turbo, dubbed as the "Monster Machine" (モンスターマシン Monsutā Mashin?) tuned by Kou Tominaga, Kazuo Ota, Kazuhiko Yamamoto and Akio Asakura. After meeting Devil Z, Kei decided to chase after him.

His desire for racing and his car choice was inspired by his father, Koichi Aizawa, who drove a Mk.II Celica Supra and was killed by a drunk driver 15 years before the anime is set.

He works in a host club to finance his racing activities, and he has friends from high school who urge him to leave the dangerous high-speed Wangan racing behind.

After he lost the race against the Devil Z and Blackbird due to structural instability, Kei agreed to let the tuners detune his 800HP engine to 400HP. The tuners also repainted his Supra to the same Silver as his father's.


Behind the ScenesEdit

In the Wangan Midnight anime, Keiichiro Aizawa is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.

Trivia Edit

Both Kei's JZA80 Supra and Koichi's MA60 Celica Supra are unlockable and driveable vehicles in the Wangan Midnight PS3 game, Kei's car being in his own car class and his father's in the "Memories" car set. Kei's car also has one of the highest top speeds in the game.

Kei is 19 years old.


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