Jun kitami

Jun Kitami is a tuner in Wangan Midnight.


Jun Kitami, also known as the "Tuner from Hell" (Japanese: 地獄のチューナー Romaji: Jigoku no Chūnā), is the one that originally tuned the Devil Z and later Black Bird as well. He laughs in the face of danger and will gladly take anything past the "safe" 600BHP mark. Unfortunately, the cars he tunes are so powerful that they are extremely difficult to control, hence his reputation as the "Devil's Tuner." Has a big scar on his face, presumably from a past racing incident. Even though he drives a powerful car, he is now only a mechanic.

Compared to other tuners, he has a few strict requirements: for one, he absolutely hates fuel injection engines, favoring carburetor since he is old fashioned about cars; even when he accepted the offer to tune the BlackBird just to make a car that can challenge Devil Z, he still complained a lot about it. Incidentally, he owns a Bike Shop, and was once a pro racer, racing in GT back in his younger days. He prefers to drive older Japanese tuning cars and also carburetor over fuel injection.

He makes his first appearance in volume 1, chapter 5, after hearing that Tatsuya Shima lost to Akio Asakura's Devil Z.

Later, Kitami even said that he had a sense that only Akio can save the Devil Z from destroying itself. Somehow, he not only helped Akio to tune Devil Z, but also helping Tatsuya Shima to tune the Black Bird as well.

Behind the ScenesEdit


In the Wangan Midnight anime, Jun Kitami is voiced by Kenta Miyake, who is well-known for his role as Jirobo in Naruto.