WMMT3DX 3.8rs マサキ マキコ60000枚達成記念動画

It's possible to seize all crown!

Wangan MidNight Dx 3 Top player

Wangan MidNight Dx 3 Top player

An example of seizing New Belt Line Crown

Ghost Battle is a feature introduced in Wangan Midnight 3.


  • Select by level: There are 9 levels: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 750, 810, 825 and Top player.
  • Choose a friend in your battle history: You can easily find anyone you want to race against.
  • Choose a friend who defeated your ghost: If you win a rematch you get 2 ghost battle coins.
  • Choose by card name: This allows you to search some rivals you never raced against before.


  • Challenging a top player in any area is hard because as you drive, your driving style is memorised by your ghost, thus making your ghost hard to beat in a specific area. If you beat one, you get 3 ghost battle coins instead of 2. (Even if it's a rematch!) This also gives a small chance of increasing your rank.
  • Sometimes the course changes, meaning that you must devise new strategy to beat the crowned players, say, adjusting your power.
  • Defeating all areas at once earns you 10 ghost battle coins instead of usual 3.
  • In Midnight 3, there's only 63 types of dress-ups.