1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+

I.D. Code



Nissan Motor Corporation




6-Speed automatic dual clutch transmission

Default Horsepower

- (set to a hypen only, in-game stat)

485 PS (357 kW; 478 hp) (real life)


3.8L VR38DETT Twin-turbo V6  

Default Color Selection

Silver, White, Red, Grey, Black

Notable Owners


The GT-R, as well as its Spec V variant, is a car produced by Nissan Motor Corporation which was 1st introduced in the original Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ game.

Description Edit

A sports car developed to become the flagship of Nissan Motors. Its hand-assembled engine and transmission are manufactured with techniques, which were only used for racing cars until recently, such as a rear differential and a unified transaxle layout, and coupled with its massive, stable body and electronically controlled 4WD system, it's a car made to have all-around drivability.

Trivia Edit

  • Hidden Spec V model by highlighting Nissan GT-R (R35) and inputting *1-N-3-N-5-N-2-N-3-N-5-N-3-N-3-N-5-N-5-N-5-N* with the gear shifter.
  • Unlike other cars it rathers display: P:-- H:-- rather than:---HP/?
    • This also occurs in the Spec V version
  • In the real world the horsepower in this car is 580HP