Extreme VS is a new mode introduced in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.

New FeaturesEdit

As the name suggests, it is a vs mode where everything went "extreme" because of the following changes:

  1. Race indicators are completely hidden, making it hard for players to decide where they should turn.
  2. Distance to goal is hidden and may either become long or short.
  3. The whole course is completely reversed in terms of the starting line to goal.
  4. Due to the reversed course, course changes can be dangerous.

List of courses with Extreme VSEdit

Strategy for each Extreme VS coursesEdit

  • C1 - Due to dangerous S-curves and dividers, either mistakes or course changes will "mislead" some players into "traps", ie. courses that diverted to another area or walls.
  • New Belt Line - Due to its link to Wangan, if any course change to Wangan is chosen it may turn the tide of the battle. In addition, if the whole course is directed to Yaesu it may spell doom to some players.
  • Nagoya - Funnily enough, all you need to do is to remember the whole course in a reversed manner.
  • Osaka - Same like Nagoya except you can change course.
  • Fukuoka - Same like Nagoya except Fukuoka has 4 starting ramps and it's a furious up-and-down course, meaning that the distance may hit more than 20 km.
  • Hakone - Funnily enough, before Extreme VS was introduced it is already "Extreme". However, due to Extreme VS' new features, the distance may either get shortened to 7 km or it may get extended to 10 km, and the track layout is mirrored.

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