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A discarded card is a method of backing up data/helping a friend in the Wangan Midnight Series of arcade video games. These cards are used to create extra 600 HP/B cards. These cards can only be obtained by allowing a card to expire after 60 games/using up a present card 5 times. Discarded cards can only be used twice (WMMT2/WMMT3/once (WMMT3DX and WMMT3DX+)


A 600 HP card created from a discard has the following characteristics

  • You can choose any card name you like.
  • Car type: stays the same as the original card
  • Body color: stays the same as the original body color (3DX and later), You can choose any factory body color you like (WMMT2/WMMT3)
  • Power: Goes to stage 10 (600HP)
  • Handling: Goes to stage 10
  • Story Mode results: Completed up to Episode 20
  • Ghost Versus Battle results: Returns to default state
  • Dress-up status: Returns to default state
  • Maxi Coins: Returns to default state
  • 10 Outrun Mode: Returns to default state
  • Time Attack Record: Returns to default state
  • VS Player battle record: Returns to default state
  • Level: Goes to C8 Class
  • Title: Goes to "Wangan Beginner"
  • Mileage: Returns to default state
  • Meter, BGM, etc: Return to default state
  • Internet Ranking: Not possible. (no password will be issued)
  • Number of times the card can be used: 60


  • If the user has not finished episode 20 by the time they renew the card/use the present card 5 times, the card will be rendered as used.
  • In WMMT3, the discarded car data can be used to create up to two 600 HP cards, and can have their body color changed. This was changed in WMMT3DX, where the discarded tuning card can only be used once, and the body color now stays the same as the originally selected color.