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The Devil Z (Japanese: 悪魔のZ Romaji: Akuma no Zetto) is known as the S30Z with supernatural speed and Akio's car all through out the series. The previous owners of this car died in car accidents, hence the name. One of the mentioned owners is not only Akio Asakura, but also Eriko's late brother.

About the CarEdit

The Devil Z has a highly modified L28 motor. It was bored and stroked to 3.1L, has triple carburetors (presumably triple twin-barrel carbs as opposed to S30's standard twin carbs), a twin turbo with intercooler that eventually produced a healthy 600 hp. On the outside, it is equipped with an S30 race aero kit, standard S30 lights, fog lamps and a set of RS Watanabe F8 eight-spoke wheels.

It was once owned by a young man named Akio Asakura, who died two years before the story began (with Tatsuya Shima witnessing the crash). Two years later, another young man, also named Akio Asakura, bought the car just before it was about to be scrapped, and restored it to its former glory.

In the anime/manga, it is said to be so fast that it seems that the car is "possessed". This is due to the abundance of power and speed at the expense of control (and also the fact that S30 Fairlady Z is known to be lightweight).


Akio's Second Car (Devil Z)

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