In this course, big and small corners seem to appear from between the characteristic buildings such as Tokyo tower and buildings in Shiodome.


C1 Inner

C1 Outer

New Belt LineEdit

This area is highly recommended if you want to enjoy Wangan World's "Battle in Ultrahigh Speed Area". Not only does this course have straight lines and high speed corners, but there is a good balance in the intervals between the technical corners.


New Belt Line (Clockwise)

New Belt Line (Counter-Clockwise)

Wangan LineEdit

An ultra long straight street with wide lanes for tens of kilometers! Sharp judgment and true power are required to defeat jostling official cars on the road.


Wangan Line (Eastbound)

Wangan Line (Westbound)


An area in Kanagawa which requires toughness and high speed. Gentle corners appear rhythmically.


Yokohane (Upbound)

Yokohane (Downbound)


Low-speed corners appear sequentially from between mountains with big height differences. This is a thrilling technical course.


Hakone (Outward) Hakone (Backward)

Metropolitan Expressway Tokyo areaEdit

An ultra long course that uses all the metropolitan Expressways in Tokyo area. You may have to run through the districts you have never seen.


Metropolitan Expressway Tokyo area

Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa areaEdit

An ultra long, ultra high-speed course that consists of only high-speed areas such as the Yokohane line and Wangan line!


Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa area

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