Celsior (Lexus LS400)

1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Toyota Motor Corporation (Lexus)




4-speed A341E automatic

Default Horsepower



4.0 L 1UZ-FE V8

Default Color Selection

Dark Green, Black, White, Sliver, Wine Purple Metallic (Japanese version and Maximum Tune 4), “Gatchan” Purple

Notable Owners

Gen Sasaki (Gatchan)

Celsior is a full-size sedan produced by Toyota Motor Corporation which was 1st introduce in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game.


This is a big sedan with the largest emission volume and largest number of cylinders in this game. This rich engine power is only for actualizing a rich driving experience, not for pursuing high speeds. But once you try this, its surprising "power", not speed, will conquer all other cars.

This car was not available in the U.S. version of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, along with Toyota Aristo. Gatchan's personal car in that version was replaced by Crown Athlete (GRS204).


Being a full-sized luxury sedan means that it is less agile than other cars. Its 4-speed (automatic in real life) transmission is particularly good for Wangan cruises but not for mountain passes like Hakone. It is also one of the heaviest vehicle in the game (with around 1,7 tons, the same as the twin-turbocharged Mitsubishi GTO). Outside Japan, it's known as the Lexus LS.

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